The EURUSD needs to clear 1.3520 to attack 1.3620/820 levels !

EURO Dollar min

The EURUSD continues  its bullish momentum today , prints a new support at 1.3323 levels, this development is likely to open the way towards the 1.3485/1.3520 levels, a halt is strongly suggested , If seen, It could mean a return to the 1.3323 levels before the next possible rise, the next support comes at the 1.3205 levels.

On the upside, a break of 1.3520 on a daily closing basis will pave the way towards the 1.3620/1.3820 levels, in other words, If 1.3520 is taken out, 1.3710 will be shaky and might get breached any moment.

Note that If 1.3520 is broken, it would serve as strong support !!

In all as long as 1.3205/1.3323 levels hold on a daily closing basis the pair will return to its upside border with risk towards the 1.3620/1.3820 levels even in-case of bearish correction.




  1. You wanna know where EURUSD is heading in the upcoming days !!!!
    Egyptian funds in EU zone are held by Germany and France because of violence actions in Egypt..
    If Germany and France release those funds in the upcoming days, the EURO will spike towards 1.3485 levels before falling towards 1.3300/200 levels..
    If Germany and France keep holding those funds , the EURO will rise another 200/400 pips …

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