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USDHUF Daily Forecast May 01 2014

The USDHUF  maintained a bearish momentum yesterday, printed resistance at the 223.55 levels. This development leaves the pair targeting the 219.95  levels where a breach will...

USDHUF Daily Forecast Apr 22 2014

The USDHUF failed to break above the 224.11 levels last week and broke below 221.88 levels. outlook in USDHUF turns neutral with risk to the downside,...

USDHUF Daily Forecast Apr 16 2014

The USDHUF maintained a bullish momentum yesterday, printed support at the 221.88 levels. This development leaves the pair targeting the 225.60 levels, a halt...

USDHUF Daily Forecast Apr 08 20214

The USDHUF declined this early morning, breached below the 222.18 levels as suggested last week, outlook remains on the downside, stability below the 222.18...

USDHUF Daily Forecast Apr 01 2014

The USDHUF continued its bearish momentum yesterday, topped at the 224.60 levels, bottomed at the 222.18 levels. Now the pressure will be on the...

USDHUF Daily Forecast Mar 24 2014

The USDHUF maintained a bullish momentum last Friday, bottomed at the 225.67 levels and topped at the 227.36 levels. This development leaves the pair...