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Brexit’s Done. GBPUSD Falls 200 Pips On Monday. Now What?!

As we said earlier, midnight Friday. Britain has officially become outside the European Union. Monday is the first trading day for sterling outside the...

GBPUSD May Break Higher On Spring Budget Statement, Brexit Cost Estimates!

At the moment, the GBPUSD trades around 1.3890 levels, retreated from daily chart resistance 1.3915. The pair is waiting for Hammond's spring budget statement and...

GBPUSD Rockets Higher as British PM Theresa May Calls Election For Brexit.

British Prime Minister Theresa May called on Tuesday for an early election on June 8, saying she needed to strengthen her hand in divorce...

UK votes for Brexit, global markets in mess !

The U.K. has voted by a substantial margin to leave the European Union in a landmark referendum, the out campaign secured the victory, with...