Nikkei 225 Daily Forecast Feb 25


The Nikkei 225 index continued its bullish momentum yesterday, printed support at the 14640 levels. This development leaves the pair targeting the 15330 levels, a halt is suggested, but a break of 15330 levels will turn the focus on the 15715 levels, further out will aim the 16145 levels.

On the downside, a bearish correction to the 14820/14720 levels is suggested before attacking the 15330 levels, losing the 14720 levels will test the main support at the 14640 , a halt is likely , but If this level also fails , expect the index to weaken further towards the 14430 levels before the next rise , a cut will extend losses to the 13905 levels .

In all, as long as support 14640 holds on a daily closing basis, the Japanese index will remain biased to the upside with risk towards the 15830 levels, losing the 14640 levels will reverse risks towards the 14430 levels.


Nikkei 225 Daily Forecast Feb 25