Market Reversal Levels ,Week of Jun 22 2015

Reversal 65987

1- Those levels are strong support and resistance levels on short term , the market usually respects those levels strongly.

2- If the market rallies into resistance levels (R1, R2), a sell-off is expected.(Downward Trend- Recovery Mode).

3- If the market rallies above (R2) ; R1 is likely to serve as support, Target R3 (Upward Trend- Bullish Breakout).

4- If the market sells-off into support levels (S1, S2) , a rally up is expected.(Upward Trend- Pullback Mode).

5- If the market sells-off below (S2) ; S1 is likely to serve as resistance , Target S3 (Downward Trend- Bearish Breakout).

6-I highly recommend using divergences techniques, to find possible turning points during the week!

7- Breakout strategies usually work above R2 and below S2.

8- Recommended time frame , Daily and below.

[table id=48 /]