Macedonian Warrior for Investment !

greece acropolis crescent moon
greece acropolis crescent moon

I hope that Alexander the Great (Macedonian Alexander) & his empire returns these days, to make the world see, How remains of Alexander the Great, has enriched countries and peoples all around the world! Why the source of Alexander the Great gets Killed now??? Who wants, Greek people, to be a slave ??!! We have studied and learned since we were young, to have pride, such as Alexander the Great and his leadership pride!!

At this point, I see, Greece will be occupied and become a poor country??? I see solutions from my point of view?? Because I see Alexander the Great as a great leader, and I like to invest with his name, yes we have leaders these days, but Alexander the Great is the title of their leadership??? This introduction from the depths of my heart ?!!

A few weeks ago, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras resigned, Officials in Greece did not stop saying: We need more time??? But in fact, time will not solve any problem, why?

1- Debt is accumulating.

2- Greece has no experts, able to deal with the current crisis, in other words, the current crisis,  is over the ability of Greece.

3- In the world of politics, when we have elections, your competitor is the real enemy, and you have the full right to do whatever it takes, to get rid of your enemy !!! The end justifies the means.

4- Maybe there are countries (organizations) that want Greece to be weak, or they may benefit from the weakness of Greece!

Whatever the reason? I think there is one solution for the Greek crisis??

Greece must be converted to an investment zone, according to these rules:

1- Greece does not have any authority (power) in this zone.

2- This zone must be managed by an international power…or

3- It can be also managed by the European Union.

This zone should be divided into three investment zones:

1-Tourism investment: To maintain the history, culture and ancient artifacts of Greece.

2- Investment in Hotels: Imagine if we could make a second ” Las Vegas” into Greece!!

3- Investment in social security: In order to secure a steady income by the end of the month for the people of Greece.

Conclusion: This zone should be run by investors, It can be monitored /supervised through the European Union or any an international power, Greece should have no power in this zone, but I think we have one big problem, Greek army ???

Greek army may not accept these facts, so; To avoid what could happen in the future? Greek army should hand over Greece to investors???

What are the alternative options???

No one wants to see a second “Central African Republic” in the middle of Europe, I think it’s a bad nightmare, no one wants even to think about it, but facts are facts, whether we take it or leave it, we still have time ???


1- We have thousands of Syrian refugees….. Indeed, these refugees are a heavy burden on European countries, but the great thing, these refugees can be part of  the resurrection of Greece.

2- Greece could throw away 100 years gains in a couple of years……..

Best Regards..

Haitham Alobaidi