Get prepared,the EURO may fly to 1.4000/1.4500 soon !

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In the upcoming weeks, the world faces critical changes. In one way or another, the fx market will be affected directly or indirectly. Let’s start with situations in the middle east.

US role in Syria and Egypt may end once and forever, In Egypt, more the 75% of foreign investments are  US investment. The role of games may change 180 degrees. What is happening now is that the Europeans are pulling the rug from under the feet of the Americans slowly !!!

The second fact, Obama’s reign may be the worst in the U.S history. The Obama administration has failed to deal with some critical files such as Chinese file, resulting in real problems in the long run. The US economy may collapse in the upcoming 7 – 10 years. As a result, the United States is preparing for the post-Obama. What I wanna say; the USD is dead at least till Obama leaves !!!

Now how these facts would affect the fx market?!!!

It’s unclear yet, the whole world is watching. But the market may make its move strongly and suddenly without a warning in the upcoming weeks :

EURUSD: the EURO may fly towards 1.4000/1.4500 levels even 1.5000 is suggested, believe it or not, yes it might fly 1500 or 2000 pips in the upcoming weeks, the worst scenario for EURUSD is retesting 1.3000/1.2900 levels before flying once again!

GBPUSD: the Cable will follow the EURO, it will fly towards 1.6000/1.6500 levels even it may crack 1.7000 levels.

Gold: the first rise will be 200 or 300 pip in one shot, then it may reach 2000 by the end of this year, or during the first quarter of 2014, in all cases, I think the Gold will pass 2000 in the future, it might reach 2500…..

Sliver: the first rise will be towards 30 or 35 in one shot later it will trade within 40 – 50 range…

Oil: the first rise will be towards 140/150, later it will reach 170/180, the next year, it might reach 200/250……..

Final words: The Global economic crisis of 2008 is gone. Now the world craves to the pre-2007, days of the 90s and 80s, days of luxury, and the only solution is by taking Gold and Oil prices beyond 2000 and 170 !!!!! It’s just a matter of time !!!

You’ve been notified, so get prepared !!!






    As  long as 1.2042 holds on a monthly closing basis , sooner or later the pair is heading towards 1.4000/1.4600 levels…..losing 1.2042 on a monthly closing basis will reverse risks to the downside towards 1.1600 ahead of 1.1100 levels…

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