EURUSD loses the upside momentum !

EURO dollar 59845 2

The EURUSD maintained a bullish momentum 3 weeks ago , bottomed at  the 1.3693 levels and topped at the 1.3810 levels,now pressure will on the 1.3810 levels.

The EURUSD will have to hold above the 1.3810 levels on a weekly closing basis to push the market for further upside gains , If seen It will target the 1.4000 levels where a breach will turn focus on the 1.4280 levels.

Alternatively , a failure to hold above the 1.3810 levels could mean a return to the 1.3693 levels , losing 1.3693 on a weekly basis will bring a free fall towards 1.3295 levels , a halt is suggested and buyers my back to market once again but ,  If this level fails , expect the market to weaken further towards the 1.3104 levels….

Overall, the EURUSD is likely to consolidate within 1.3693 / 1.3810 range before the next  move .