EURUSD Daily Forecast Nov 26 2015

“EURUSD: Sees Consolidation; Looks To Recapture Minor Resistance!”

With EURUSD failing to close lower below the 1.0615/1.0565 levels, outlook has turned neutral, immediate risk has shifted to the upside towards minor resistance at the 1.0673 levels, a halt is likely and falls resumption remains in sight, however; a breakthrough the 1.0673 levels will put the pair in recovery mode, If seen, focus will turn on 1.0762/1.0829 levels…

On the upside, resistance comes at the 1.0640 levels ahead of the 1.0673 levels, stability below resistance levels will keep the pair under pressure, immediate support comes at the 1.0615 levels, a clear break-daily closing- below the 1.0615 levels will build strong pressure on the 1.0565 levels, If 1.0565 fails to hold, further down will be in sight towards the 1.04700 levels.

Conclusion:¬†The EURUSD continues to face¬†sideway moves within 1.0565/1.0673 range with possible to break lower, above 1.0673 will open the 1.0762/1.0829 levels, below 1.0565 will turn focus on the 1.04700 levels…

Note: EURUSD may end the month around or above monthly support 1.0730……….


EURUSD Daily Forecast Nov 26 2015