China cuts rates; A dirty game to halt USD losses!

Forex china
Forex china

China’s central bank has cut interest rates for the second time this year, amid a continuing economic slowdown. It lowered its rate by 25 basis points to 5.1%, saying the move was aimed at boosting development.

OK… China makes this move to support Chinese economy, right.. I know growth in China is slowing down!!!!

But I’m wondering about the timing of this move by Chinese government!!!

I guess there’s one answer for this move?!!

David Cameron and Conservative Party hit a nuclear strike to US dollar by winning the UK election?!!.

UK election results are supposed to push EURUSD and GBPUSD to the upside strongly, we’re talking about 1.2000/1.2500 levels for EURUSD and 1.600/1.6500 levels for GBPUSD…………….

The market was prepared to shift to a new trading zone!!!!

Such a move -these days-could cause losses of trillions of dollars in the US economy?!!!!


China is the Joker card that saved US dollar from a massive fall?!!!

The smart question?!!! For how long!!!

I think U.S government wants to slow it down a little bit…..

It’s all about time!!!

There’s no harm of USD falling, but there’s one condition !!!!

Things should be done  at the planned time, that simple!!!

I do believe, EURUSD and GBPUSD should move upward in the near future!!!

But the Chinese move is likely to bring sideways market for a couple of weeks!!!