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A close watch of the most important economic data and indicators that can affect the financial markets to understand the market more effectively.


USD INDEX – bullish after fed taperd QE

The usdindex maintained a strong bullish momentum yesterday. Printed support at 79.65 levels. This strong move happened in conjunction with fed tapered QE. This...

JPY Falls After BOJ Adopts Policy Framework Changes !

The Bank of Japan keeps interest  rates unchanged at -0.1% negative as well as monetary policy base unchanged at 80 trl yen. But the central bank...

Market -Weekly Outlook Jun 24 2019

Last week, the US Dollar fell after the Federal Reserve held the Federal Funds rate at 2.25% to 2.50% as expected. But fears that...
EURO data

German (ZEW) E.S slides to-3.6 , EURUSD sees consolidation above 1.2620 !

The German Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW) Economic Sentiment Index gauges the six-month economic outlook. A level above zero indicates optimism; below indicates pessimism....

Market -Weekly Outlook Aug 21 2017

Next Week Forecasts In the week ahead, global financial markets will shift their focus the annual meeting of top central bankers and economists hosted by...
Bank Of Japan obttkt

Bank of Japan leaves bank’s policy target unchanged , USDJPY tests 119.35 levels before...

The Yen gains sharply this early morning , since the bank of Japan decided to leave the bank's policy target unchanged . This development pushed...

EURUSD: An Upward Shift In Trading Zone Is In Sight !

The EURUSD maintained a bullish momentum last week, bottomed at the 1.1057 levels, and topped at the 1.1341 levels. Now the focus will turn...

EURUSD Rises With Low Momentum !

The EURUSD rose the past few days , after rebounding from 1.3624 levels. At the moment the pair is neutral with risk to the...

U.S Consumer Inflation Rises 0.3%, USD Follows !

The U.S consumer Inflation rose 0.3%, from 0.2% in the previous month, meeting forecast of 0.3% in the last month... U.S Core CPI slipped to...

Yellen’s Speech Could bring A buying Opportunity For The USD

After noting last week that the Fed intends to raise interest rates in December, the Federal Reserve is keeping its sights on the market,...