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Crosses Daily Forecast Apr 15 2015

EURGBP:  As long as 0.7225 resistance holds on a daily closing basis , outlook in EURGBP remains on the downside towards the 0.7145 levels ahead of...

Crosses Daily Forecast Aug 19 2016

EURJPY: Price Hesitation Sets In ! EURJPY:As long as 113.75/114.45 resistance - broken support - holds on a daily closing basis, the EURJPY remains on...

Majors Daily Forecast Nov 22 2017

EURUSD: Pullback Threat Remains Intact! As long as 1.1857 resistance holds on a daily closing basis, the EURUSD remains in a pullback mode and further...

Crude Oil Daily Forecast Mar 27 2014

The Crude Oil maintained a bullish momentum yesterday , printed support at the 99.07 levels and topped at the 100.42 levels . this development...

EURUSD – Daily Technical Analysis – 20 Jun 2013

The EURUSD maintained a bearish momentum yesterday. Topped at 1.3415 level and bottomed at 1.3261. Now the pressure will be on the key support...
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Minors Daily Forecast May 11 2015

AUDUSD: As long as 0.7765 support holds on a daily closing basis, outlook in AUDUSD remains neutral with risk towards the 0.7800 levels, a break will restore...

USDJPY Daily Forecast Sept 06 2016

USDJPY: Vulnerable, Losses Upside Momentum ! With USDJPY failing to continue higher through the 103.98 levels, a short term resistance has been printed at the...

EURUSD – Intraday Strategy (10 Jul 2013)

Recommendations: SHORT positions below  1.2855 with 1.2800 & 1.2770 as next targets. Alternative scenario: The upside breakout of 1.2855 will call for a rebound to 1.2900/1.2975. Description: The...
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Minors Daily Forecast Aug 12 2016

AUDUSD: Halts Gains, Losses The Upside Momentum ! AUDUSD: The AUDUSD halts its gains as we suggested a few days ago by the key the...

GBPUSD – Intraday Strategy (02 Dec 2013)

Recommendations: LONG positions above 1.6395 with 1.6440 & 1.6470 as next targets. Alternative scenario:The downside breakout of  1.6395 will call for a slide to 1.6360/320 . Description: The pair...