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Technical analysis of the most important commodities & metals, the analysis covers WTI Crude Oil, Gold & Silver…


Crude Oil Weekly Forecast Jan 19 2015

Outlook in Crude Oil remains on the downside as long as 52.00 resistance holds on a weekly closing basis ,support comes at the 46.81 levels . a...
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Commodities Daily Forecast Apr 09 2015

Crude Oil : As long as 50.30/52.00 support holds on a daily closing basis , outlook in Crude Oil remains on the upside towards the...

XAUUSD Daily Forecast Mar 13 2015

Outlook in XAUUSD remains on the downside as long as 1163 resistance holds on a a daily closing basis , support comes at the 1147 levels ,...

Gold – Bearish bias below 1238 !

The XAUUSD continued its bearish momentum last week, printed resistance at 1238 levels, Initial bias is neutral this week, near term outlook stays bearish...
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Gold – Weekly Forecast 05-09 Aug 2013

The gold maintained some bullish momentum last Friday, topped at 1319 and bottomed at 1283 levels, now pressure will be on the key resistance...

Crude Oil Daily Forecast Mar 27 2014

The Crude Oil maintained a bullish momentum yesterday , printed support at the 99.07 levels and topped at the 100.42 levels . this development...

Crude Oil is set to recapture 109.30 with a breach the upcoming weeks !

The crude oil has maintained a strong bullish momentum 2 weeks ago, printed a new support at the 102.66 levels. This development leaves the...
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Commodities Weekly Forecast Oct 26 2015

Crude Oil: As long as 45.78 resistance holds on a weekly closing basis, the crude oil remains in a pullback mode and further down...

XAUUSD Monthly Forecast July 2014

Outlook in XAUUSD remains on the downside as long as resistance 1327 (Nov 2013 high ) holds on a monthly closing basis , support...

XAGUSD Weekly Forecast Apr 21 2014

The XAGUSD maintained a bearish momentum last week , bottomed at the 19.23 levels and topped at the 20.14 levels . This development leaves...