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FOMC: Uncertainty About Next Rate Cut…U.S Dollar Consolidates With Upside Bias!

The Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Open Market Committee on Wednesday, Aug 21 released the attached minutes of the Committee meeting held on...
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U.S Dollar Rises As Fed Hikes Interest Rates By A Quarter Point

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates 25 basis points to a range of 2.25% to 2.5% on Wednesday as expected, but central bank officials...

Fed leaves rates unchanged, says U.S economy on track, USD rises!

The Federal Reserve kept its benchmark interest rate unchanged on Thursday after a two-day meeting of its policymaking committee and said continued strong job...

USD rises after FOMC statement on the need to raise interest rates again!

US policymakers are still broadly in agreement on the need to raise borrowing costs again despite US President Donald H. Trump's sharp criticism of...

Fed Raises Rates, Dollar Is Down Due To Concerns About Trump’s Policy!

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates on Wednesday but left its outlook for the coming years unchanged even as policymakers expected a short-term jump...

Dollar Falls On Fed’s Split About Inflation !

The U.S dollar fell after the minutes of the U.S  central bank’s last policy meeting on Sept. 19-20 which released on Wednesday. This development...

Mixed Fed’s Statement Brings Mixed Market!

The Fed's speech today was somehow mixed, at a near-term it could be negative (dovish), but on a long-term, it could be positive (hawkish)...

Dollar Falls On Mixed (Light Hawkish) Fed’s Statement !

The U.S dollar dropped on Wednesday after minutes from the Federal Reserve's July meeting showed a mixed picture with a tends to be more...